To Moon 🚀🌝
For Earth 🌍

Eco-friendly 🌱 All Proceeds to Charity 🙌

GOLD token on WAX

Support eco-projects by trading GOLD

Golden Ratio 🟡💱💹

We use the Fibonacci Series in our sell orders to keep things natural, and give #GOLDTRIBE 54 moons to shoot for 🌝 🌝 🌝

Everything to Charity 💸

We'll use 60% to fund Gaia Tribe, our Peruvian NGO 🇵🇪  and 40% to donate to community charities 🏘️ 🌱

Visionary Alchemist 🧙‍♂️

The creator of GOLD also created the conscious school Aquarius.Academy 🔮✨ and map-dapp 🗺️

Trade GOLD with 0 Fees

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Trade Fee-Free on Alcor

Keepin it Real 🤜💥🤛

Total Supply of 🟡 GOLD is equal to the real estimated amount of the precious metal on Earth in grams (244 billion) 🌍

Green your Gold 🌱

Offset the environmental impact of the physical gold you own by buying 🟡 GOLD. 

One 🟡 GOLD = One Gram of Ag

No Surprises 👀

Visit our token contract, and our funds account to audit our philanthropy yourself 📜

Earth thank you for moon 🚀  Made with Love 💖